For Prospective Graduate Students

Nithyananda University offers students to pursue a graduate degree emphasizing on Veda-Agamic sciences. Our research-based programs are based on the pedagogy from Sarvajnottarāgama 

आचार्यात् पादमादत्ते पादं शिष्य स्वमेधया |

पादं सब्रह्मचारिभ्य: पादं काल क्रमेण च ||

ācāryāt pādamādatte pādaṁ śiṣya svamedhayā

pādaṁ sabrahmacāribhyah pādaṁ kāla krameṇa ca

which reads:

   One gains ¼ of the knowledge from the Acharya (the teacher),

¼ from his own self-study and intellect,

¼ from his classmates and the remaining ¼ is gained as a person becomes matured as time passes.

The Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda, when explaining the Sarvajnottarāgama very beautifully explains:

“when you learn from the teacher, one quarter you learn;

when you discuss among the friends, you learn the next 25%,

when you ask him questions and get clarified, you learn the next 25%.

Only when you start teaching, you learn the last 25%”

This graduate degree requirement has been incorporated in all of our research-based programs – supporting the expansion of the applicant from the time they interact with us as the student learning from the Acharya to becoming an Acharya himself!

Graduate Research Degrees

Masters of Inner Awakening (MS-IA)
For students who are interested in pursuing an advanced, research-oriented degree in science of super-conscious breakthrough or in preparation for a PhD.

The program includes the following post-bachelors’ components

  • Mahasadashivoham 
  • Mahasadashivoham Continues! (5 credits) 
  • Manifesting Powerful Cognitions (5 credits)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Our PhD program will prepare you for the leadership role of your lifetime. Post-master’s Your training begins with a unique program

  • Sadashivatva