About NU


“Those who attempt to destroy dharma, the cosmic law, are destroyed by it. Dharma protects and sustains those who are protectors of dharma. Therefore, never attempt to destroy dharma.”
**** Manusmrti, 8.15 ****


Nithyananda University draws inspiration from the millennia-old Vedic tradition of ancient India, the oldest living stream of transformational science in the world today. The pragmatic Vedic civilization is credited with many significant 'firsts' in the fields of yoga, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and navigation, among others. Reinterpreting vedic wisdom in the light of modern life and needs, Nithyananda University creates the space for the powerful transformation of the individual and the community.

Mission Statement:   

Nithyananda University is committed to delivering the wisdom of the Vedas and teaching the science of enlightenment, enriching the masses in all dimensions of their lives.

We create a space to inspire, educate and empower people to live the Vedic truths through our course offerings, workshop, training programs, study abroad and scientific research.

Vision Statement: 

Nithyananda University aspires to…

  • Establish and occupy Hindu seats in global universities and academia
  • Give the masses an experiential understanding of the Science of Enlightenment
  • Eradicate ignorance by teaching the concept of Advaitic Oneness
  • Establish yogic science laboratories and research institutes
  • Train priests and preachers (acaryas) to spread Vedic lifestyle
  • Demystifying and making available yogic powers for humanity


Nithyananda Mission, the Nithyananda Yoga & Meditation University (NYMU also known as NMU) was awarded life-time exemption under CEC ( California Education Code) 94874(e)(1), by the Bureau of Private & Postsecondary Education for the State of California, to award religious degrees autonomously.

Nithyananda University is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.