Sri Nithya Mahanaadananda

216803_1472408229403_1713829_n (1) - anty shantyEducational Background:

  • Intermediate


Professional Experience:

  • Seva / Service


My birth place is Ludhiana City (Punjab) India from a hindu khatri family, After completing some studies go abroad to work in Europa. I’m the only son of my parents and one sister she is married in Delhi having two children son & a daughter. I’m single like a bhramchari.

Since Aug,1990 till June,2016 I was in Europe: Amsterdam (Holland/ Nederland) Before I don’t know anything about Satsang:? or God:?? First time I see listen the satsang of PujyaBapu Sri AshaRamJi in the t.v. & By chance in the year 1999 / 2000 seen youtube video satsang of Sri Nithyananda SwamiJi in the internet, gain spiritual knowledge how to live how to solve all of our problems., So I decided to become Adheenavasi came to Bidadi Bangalore Adheenam in May, 2017.