Sri Nithya Ishapriyananda

Sri Nithya Ishapriyananda

23157420_10159358148090062_4227248747583241643_o - Ishapriyananda Sri NithyaEducational Background:

  • B.Sc in computing


Professional Experience:

  • Worked for Accenture for 13 years as Programmer, system & database consultant and project lead.


IT to Construction and lot more:

I am an IT engineer in system and database administration. Love to do anything on my own (DIY). Enjoying the construction team and work closely with Swamiji in various tasks. Through spiritual quest, meditation and few clues, we [family] landed in Bangalore for searching Swamiji. After visiting several ashram, finally at Nithyananda Adheenam, we realised the call was coming from secret Kailash and Swamiji.