Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda

Educational Background:

  • High school grad with 2 years towards a BFA


Professional Experience:

I’ve managed retail stores, including a mystical book and crystal shop as well as a high end clothing store. Owned an online jewelry shop. Had a successful Tarot reading business.


Passionate about bringing the entire world to Swamiji! Before knowing Him, my goal was to make the entire world vegetarian at least, vegan at best; now my goal is to make the world fall at Swamiji’s feet and become what He wants us all to be.

In September, 2009, I prayed to Mahavatar Babaji for enlightenment, and the next day, He mystically led me to Swamiji. Before that, I had seen Swamiji in my dreams (from age 17, in 2002,) and slowly, those dreams are coming clear as REAL. For example, in my first dream of Him, I suddenly saw Swamiji sitting on a huge rock in the middle of nature. He was smiling a huge smile at me and said, “Look, Ma! This is where we’re going to have our school.” Then He pointed ahead. I woke up wondering what does Ma mean, who was the handsome young man in monk’s robes with long hair and what does He mean by our school??? Now I know! Exactly the rock from this dream is on the road to Sacred Arts, and where He was sitting is facing the direction of the main campus… 2002 is the year the property was given to Him. 😀