Ma Nithya Poornananda Swami

Educational Background:

  • Completed High School


1932448_1476450732578796_120736749_n - Poornananda Swami Ma NithyaA Malaysian born in a humble town in Negeri Sembilan, had the grace of the Avatar in her life at the age of 13. Handpicked by the Avatar , she spent 18 years of life outside in the see of the Avatar , and turned 19 years as His daughter , a brahmacharini of the Nithyananda Sanyas Sampradaya , and a few months later a Poorna Sanyasi of the Avatar bearing name Ma Nithya Poornananda Swami.

As Swamiji says , ‘Even to know my name, I should have said yes to you. ‘. That happened in her life at the age of 13 as she was stepping into high school in Malaysia. At the age of 18, she attended two Inner Awakenings and by the end of that year , with the blessings of the Avatar to bring a revolution with Vedic Psychology, she stepped into an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Psychology. Three months into the program , when the Avatar announced the opening of His Doors to the youths in the world with Sanyas Initiation, she took a flight that weekend to Nithyananda Peetam , Bengaluru Aadheenam and never went back. The best way a youth’s life could be.