Ma Nithya Mrigapatikananda

Educational Background:4939276049_636c81bfe8_o - Ma Nithya Mrigapatikananda

  • Diploma in Information Technology (Computer Networks)
  • B.A in Music Performance (GuZheng)


Professional Experience:

  • Chinese classical Musician and Teacher
  • Yoga teacher
  • English-Chinese translation


I’m born and grew up in Singapore. I speak, read and write English and Chinese. I also speak other Chinese dialects. I’m a classically trained musician majoring in the GuZheng (classical Chinese instrument) at China Conservatory of Music in Beijing,China. Before coming to the Adheenam, I was a GuZheng teacher cum music conductor coaching all education levels in Singapore for national level competitions. I have been practicing yoga since 2005 and taught yoga alongside music since 2010. I’m also a practitioner and certified Taijigong instructor of Wu Tu Nan Taijigong lineage,one of the rare authentic surviving Taiji lineage in the world.

I love both Asian and Western classical music and traditional performing arts.
I like to do cross-stitch and arts craft. I studied classical Chinese language and literature in Peking University while I was doing my music BA. I love cultural studies and humanities. I love to read and I’m also interested in researching traditional healing arts of Yoga and Taiji. I love cats.

I came across Swamiji on the internet a few years ago when he was featured as a young upcoming guru at the time. But I did not watch any of his videos back then as I thought he must be a fake- one of those popular cult gurus again. I did not hear nor see anything about Swamiji ever again until late Feb 2017. I was sitting in front of computer and the thought ‘Search Nithyananda’ came. I don’t even remember or know who it is or the spelling. I just typed in Google and then saw Inner Awakening website. I went in to look and searched on Youtube where I saw Ma Yogamaatha’s “Girl demonstrates cool superpower’ video. I also saw other videos on Third Eye power manifesting and Swamiji’s videos. It was then I realized he is the same guy whom I came across few years ago!! It is what I have been looking for so many years; Authentic Yoga. I decided to attend IA and searched if there is a center in Singapore,which there is and I went to talk to the people there to know more. I made it to April 2017 IA with Swamiji’s blessings and decided to be adheenavasi before coming for IA. I stayed on since then.


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