Ma Nithya Lopamudrananda

IMG-20170625-WA0028 - Ma Nithya LopamudranandaEducational Background:

  • High School of Arts “Benvenuto Cellini” professional institute for goldsmiths and cutters of precious stones (5yrs); specialization in diamond cutting and gemmology (3yrs)


Professional Experience:

  • Cutter of diamonds & precious stones
  • Gemologist
  • Jeweler designer
  • Diamond Import – Export


I grow in a small town in Milan province, North of Italy. I have one old sisters and a young brother. My parents are still living in the house of my mom grandparents, 110 yrs old building. They was taken care of agriculture and we had cows, horses, chicken, rabbits, goats, a traditional italian farm. My father was working in a factory too.
My mother and him they meet during a boxing encounter. My dad was on the ring.
I enjoy my childhood;not so much my adolescence. Because of my school I start living alone at the age of 16th. From that time I start the life acting like adult.
I always thinking that human been they literally not born to work but , Manifesting Life! The mother of my father was a healer. She heal me many times in my childhood!
I traveling a lot, until I establish a relation with India on 2004. Every year I travel in and only in India once a year.
I enjoy every instant of Life and I remember with so much love all the people that they prepare me to be here, first my mom and my dad, the ones very happy to see me here with Swamiji.


He came in my dream on December 2009. I did not who he was. After that it tooks me 7 Years to be with him.
In January 2010 I start the Journey:
Massimiliano Frau- kundalini yoga-Aosta (italy)
Shetty Bharat- vinyasa ashstanga yoga- Mysore(india)
Daniel Odier – tantric Shivaist teacher, kaula tradition and Spanda lineage – Milan (italy)
Maria Mendicino – Shaman tradition from Mexico, Huichol tribes – Aosta (italy) Real de Catorce (mexico)
Fausto Taiten Guareschi – Abbot of Fudenji, zen temple – monastery , Soto Zen – Salsomaggiore Terme (italy) – Ehieiji Temple, Fukui Prefecture(Japan).
January 2016 on the way to organized my trip to India for Ujjain Kumbh Mela, i find that in Kumbh Mela 2013 Allahabad i took some pictures of Swamiji. I reconized him because I had a small booklet of Living Enlightenment. I visit the website and I book my seat on SHUDDADVAITA, my first program.
Sadashivoham 2016 ;
Nithyananda Yogam Jan – April 2017;
Sadashivattva 2nd batch July-August 2017