Ma Nithya Ishapriyananda

t - Ishapriyananda Ma NithyaProfessional Background:

Worked as Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant for 9 years. Business Intelligence involve building reports for all level of Managements on:
What has happened?
Why it is has happened?
How to resolve the solution?


I am from Mauritius. Today my whole family: my husband Sri Nithya Ishapriyananda and my 2 kids : Sri Nithya Kapalikananda and Sri Nithya Pushkarananda have moved to Nithyananda Peetham to live as an adheenavasi at Nithyananda Peetam.

12 Sep 2011 – Visited India for the first time. The mission was just to follow my husband who with 4 clues in his hands had come to search someone . He received these clues during meditations.

The 4 clues were:
1. A young man named Raj
2. Dress like a king
3. Live on a large plot of land: where students are learning as the ancient way and cows grazing around
4. All of these are related to a Shiva temple near South of India

4 days later:
16 Sep 2011 – Saw Swamiji during morning satsang at Bidadi, Nithyananda Dhyaanpeetam.
17 Sep 2011 – attended Kalpataru class, the day ended by a sarva darshan of Swamiji. Seeing in the eyes of Swamiji, to my own surprise, i found myself asking Swamiji : “Will you be my Guru?” Swamiji nodded with the smile.
July 2012 – attended first outdoor IA at Kodaikanal. I was already 1.5 months pregnant.
May 2016 – Attended Shuddhavaitam at Ujjain Simhasta Khumb Mela
December 2016 – attended Sadashivoham.
January 2017 to April 2017 – attended the third batch of Nithyananda Yogam.
April 2017 – Joined as a secretary in Office of His Holiness.
July 2017 – Attended Sadashivatva batch 2, adheenavasi orientation program.
By end of July 2017 – Swamiji gave the responsibility to lead the Office of His Holiness Team.