Ma Nithya Gangananda

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil engineering


Professional Experience:

  • Licensed civil engineer but really an artist at heart, and a seeker for life.


About my transformation:

I was born in the east, brought up in the west, and now I am finally home living in India with Avatar H.H Paramananda Nithyananda.

I came to know about Swamiji in July 2013 on a camping trip in Oregon, USA, I met a devotee who then shared with me about the 21day Inner Awakening spiritual retreat. I was intrigued and curious to meet an enlightened master who would be able to guide me to my life purpose, a burning question I always had. So I came for my first IA in Nov 2013. It was the 21st Inner Awakening. The retreat was the biggest turning point of my life. I felt like my life got turned inside out, many mental barriers opened up, as more and more Cosmic truths got revealed to me. Many questions got answered, and many more came up.. the entire 21days were like being in the sea, ebb and flows of blissful healings, every day was another exploration of my inner journey. After this IA, I went to the Bali IA Dec 2013, Cambodia IA Dec 2014, Varanasi IA May 2015. Every InnerAwakening was a soul searching breakthrough.
After volunteering in many programs and living within His breathing space, I could no longer ignore the calling that my life with Swamiji is the ultimate for me, where my soul and consciousness constantly being nurtured and expanded to the highest. A long story short I became a Bautica Brahmacharini of the Nithyananda Order in 2017, a new life in a different dimension.