Ma Nithya Amritananda

Educational Background:

  • Masters in Computer Science from Michigan State University
  • USA. Bachelor’s and Diploma Certificate also in Computer Science / Software Engineering.


Professional Experience:

  • Worked as software developer and analyst with multi-national companies for about 9 years, before getting out of corporate world. Worked with TCS, Cognizant and international clients (multinational bank in UK, health insurance provider in US, books digitization project and dept. of language at Michigan State).


Thought of myself only as a techie before meeting Swamiji, have not gone back to career after meeting Swamiji. After meeting Swamiji – day started, continued, ended with Swamiji / Sangha (till 2014). After 2014 – ‘Roopini’s mom’ has become the primary identity, everything else has gotten sidelined. :( Not sure what else to share at this point, may be able to share better in context at a later date.

2008-2009. Got to know of Swamiji’s youtube channel and got hooked to watching His youtube videos in 2008. Attended first program in Oct. 2009. First Deeksha was at the PYS discourse in Charlotte (Oct. 25th 2009), and first program was Kalpataru at Winston-Salem on Oct. 26th 2009. Attended my first IA in Dec. 2009.