For Prospective Undergraduates

The Bachelor of Science in Inner Awakening (BSIA) degree from the Nithyananda University awakens students to experience the Self.

The word "Self" needs to be understood. In the Western dictionary, the word "self" is always understood as "ego" or "individual identity". But in the Vedic tradition, "Self" is not considered as the individual identity. It is the eternally existing consciousness. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The consciousness that continues to radiate irrespective of our skills, abilities, opinions, understandings, ideas, social standing, career choices, demographic, racial, cultural, and ethnic background.

So, the students don' t work on the Self. They work on something that stands in between them today and that Self.  Covering all four layers Physical, Physiological, Psychological & Neurological in this degree the students learn about their body-mind-consciousness system in a different way. They are introduced to their innate Extraordinary Powers (Shaktis).

Power to view that is beyond the vision of the eye (even across space, galaxies)

Power to view through physically opaque objects (walls, doors, etc)

Power to physically move anything without use of energy

Power to speak spontaneously

Power to lead toward guaranteed success

Intelligence to make the right decisions (business, financial, or personal)

The knowledge of any fact

This degree gives students a super-conscious breakthrough, preparing them for a excellence in the world -across all career choices, challenges of teamwork awakening the rare intelligence of problem-solving, leadership and creativity for the first time in over 42 million years.

Program Overview

The program is composed of the following  8 unique courses

  • Kalpataru - Manifest Your Reality (1 credits)
  • Nithya Dhyan Yoga (3 credit)
  • Nithya Kriya Yoga (6 credits)
  • Nithyanandam! (10 credits)
  • Science of Inner Awakening (30 credits)
  • Inner Awakening (60 credits)
  • Continue Your Discovery (5 credits) 
  • Causing (5 credits)

in a format best for your convenience. A super-conscious breakthrough at your pace, in less than 6 months!

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