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Nithyananda Dhyanpeetam, Kallugopahalli, Off Mysore Road,Bidadi,India

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Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training
Class Description

Yoga is the science to awaken your own inner potential energy.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Yoga is a philosophy as much as a science and art. It is a state of being. Yoga starts with body and it not all about the body. It is beyond body. It may start with bending the body but it ends with uniting with the consciousness of the Divine. Your body is trained to reach its peak potential. Yoga is the  ultimate union of the individual soul (jivatman) with the Cosmic or Universal soul (paramatman) God the Supreme soul. Yoga is an independent intelligence- it will lead you to the ultimate.

Transformation of consciousness happens through yoga. 


Nithyananda Yoga – is the effort of enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda to express yoga according to the space form where it was created. The space from where this science, this wisdom was revealed with the body language of  Adi Guru Mahadeva himself. We call that experience Nithya Yoga.

 “ Nithyananda Yoga is created for the purpose of Completion – Completion with your body, Completion with your mind, Completion with your being, Completion with your consciousness. That is what is missing in many other form of Yoga in the world. As a yogi by birth, trained in all dimensions of Yoga from birth by great yogis, here I stand to save the Yoga tradition in all its original and pure form.”

“ Nithyananda Yoga is yoga in its original, pristine, pure, authentic form; it is yoga from its source. It was created for the purpose of Completion – Completion with body, Completion with mind, Completion with the being-level, Completion with consciousness. This is what is missing in many other forms of yoga in the world today.”

“It is the perfect embodiment of Shivoham. 


 In this program you will learn how to customize Yoga without misrepresenting, manipulating, or altering the original verses, the original actions, the original truths as it is. Here you are given the original verses, actions, as it is, and given the knowledge, you are given the knowledge how the permutation and combination can be developed.

  • Yoga is designed for you to reach your peak possibilities with your mind, body and being level.
  • How to master the inner and outer world.
  • Yoga is not meant just for your well being or health, it is meant to awaken your mystical powers.
  • It not only designed to develop the body, but broaden the mental and spiritual capacities.  
  • Maturity will happen on on levels of your being.


The most unique benefit of Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training Program is its authenticity and direct initiation by a living Enlightened Master for your success on this path. Traditionally yoga was passed down from guru to disciple and is lineage based. You will learn directly from the Source.

Nithyananda Yoga awakens Yogic powers like Kundalini Shakthi which helps you to fulfill the reality you wish to experience.

You will learn directly from the scriptures written by the greatest yogis, Adi Yogi Mahadeva, Svatmarama, the greatest Hatha Yogi, Patanjali, the Father of Yoga System, Matsyendranatha, Goraknatha, the great Natha yogis, they have all; written enough literatures; align ourselves to that literatures. In the system of Nithyananda Yoga, every act you are expected to do, whether body postures or the breathing activities, or visualization, verbalization, creating certain thought trends, all these are part of yoga. Everything we recommend and request you to do, we have original scriptural reference, reference from the original yogic literatures.

Where is the training held?

Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training Program is offered exclusively in the Bidadi ashram in India the home of ancient Vedic wisdom and healing. In this beautiful, healing environment, your body will start working towards bliss, completion, the space of Advaitha and Shivoham, your natural state.

Enjoy soaking up the healing energy of the 1000 year old Sacred Banyan Tree, the Vaidya Sarvar Ananda Lingam and the Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple. This location becomes a powerhouse of Cosmic energy and a space where spontaneous physical and mental healing can take place.

The 200-hour Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training curriculum includes:

  • Daily Nithyananda Yoga practice including the traditional asanas revealed by Adi Yogi Mahadeva in the Upanishads, Agamas and ancient yogic scriptures.
  • Nithya Kriyas – 108 yogic techniques to sustain and restore health.
  • Saptanga Yoga – The 7-fold Path of Yoga revealed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
  • Anatomy & physiology of yoga practice.
  • Intro to Sanskrit language
  • Ayurveda – Principles of 3 doshas, vata, pita  & kapha.
  • Yogic Nutrition – For optimal health.
  • Yogic cleansing techniques –to purify and prepare the body.
  • Nirahara Samyama – Live food free technique (optional).
  • Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras – Traditional methods to awaken inner potential energy.
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – deeper understanding of the sacred secrets.
  • Devotional Mantra Chanting.
  • Nithya Kirtans – devotional danceEnergy Systems (chakras, nadis, koshas, kundalini, etc.)
  • Study of sacred Scriptures: Bhagavad Gita, Shiva Sutras, etc.
  • ***Third Eye Initiation – Awakening to extraordinary yogic powers!
  • Individual Initiation into the life of Yoga Acharya by Paramahmasa Nithyananda himself

After completing the training, you will be empowered with the capacity to teach:

  • Nithya Yoga Vinyasa Kramas for all levels.
  • 108 Nithya Kriyas to sustain and restore health.
  • Yogic Living Program – 1 day practical introduction to the yogic lifestyle
  • And much more!


No prior teaching experience is required, but personal yoga practice for at least 1 year is recommended. You should be 18 years of age and older, have good physical and mental health, and sincere readiness for intense action.

What Swamiji Says About Preserving the Authenticity of the Vedic Tradition: 

“Yoga was designed, developed by Mahadeva himself, and shared with the world not by one individual, but by a group of Saints, Rishi’s and Sages who acknowledge yoga should be available to everyone. Of these great, enlightened beings, it is Patanjali, often referred to as Yyasa (which means editor or organizer), who is considered the founder of the Yoga system. Yoga is the heritage of India, but belongs to the whole world. It should not be diluted or copyrighted. It is a system developed for humanity to reach its peak possibility in body, mind, emotions, and at the being level. In the modern day, yoga has been misrepresented, manipulated and altered by those who have not seen the depths of yoga. A true yoga teacher can customize asana for a specific purpose or personal need, but the origin of yoga should not be diluted or lost; the whole possibility of yoga from body to consciousness should be understood and not purposefully altered from its original form. Guru is required to keep the authenticity of yoga alive. Yoga starts with the body but is not just all about body. Yoga can awaken Kundalini Shakthi and give miraculous, extraordinary abilities, especially when it is practiced directly in the presence of the enlightened yogis and in an energy field such as the Bidadi ashram. It can awaken yogic powers that help us to fulfill the reality we wish to experience.Therefore, it is important not to learn yoga in an altered, misrepresented, manipulated form.There is authentic Yogic literature thousands of years old such as Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Pranayama Paddhathi, Laya Yoga Pradeepika, Yoga Sutra, Yoga Shaastra Tattwa Kaumudi,Hatha Yoga Kaumudi, and Gheranda Samhita. These original texts and the authentic translations are available to the world.Only teachers who can quote the original reference in the Sanskrit language should teach yoga.

Nithyananda Yoga is yoga in its original, pristine, pure, authentic form; it is yoga from its source. It was created for the purpose of Completion – Completion with body, Completion with mind, Completion with the being-level, Completion with consciousness. This is what is missing in many other forms of yoga in the world today. Nithyananda Yoga teachers are given the adhikaara, the right, only for permutation and combination as per their experience and expertise; they have the freedom to plan which pranayama can be next to which pranayama, which asana can be next to which asana, but not to create new postures, new methodology for visualizations or new pranayama techniques. When a Nithya Yogi gives an asana or kriya, he can also give the original quote from the original yogic scripture with the verse number, translation, and its meaning. Whether a yoga teacher is an Indian or westerner does not matter. Whether he knows the origin of yoga matters; whether he is a great contributor to the rise of Yogic consciousness matters.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and come experience yoga from the original source!

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