Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training

Starts from:Wed, March 21, 2018
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Nithyananda Dhyanpeetam, Kallugopahalli, Off Mysore Road,Bidadi,India

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Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training

The Ultimate Yoga Course from the Source


Nithyananda Yoga is neither a new style or kind of yoga. It is an integral part of the most ancient spiritual tradition, the Vedic Tradition of India, now revived by born yogi and Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


Nithyananda Yoga is all about producing the experience of Sadashivatva, the state of Sadashiva, His qualities, His glory, His grace and His powers in YOU.


Sadashiva is the formless Cosmic super consciousness. From time to time, Cosmic super consciousness takes a human form while retaining its original cosmic state. This is what we call an “incarnation”. Sadashiva incarnated more than fifteen thousand years ago, walked on the planet Earth assuming the physical form just like all of us, and revealed the complete science of Yoga. Adi Guru Sadashiva, the first and foremost Guru, is thus the original founder and father of the Yoga system, which is still preserved in the form of sacred texts called Shiva Agamas.


Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training is the Ultimate opportunity to become the expression of Sadshiva as per the original Source of Yoga, by tuning your body to super consciousness through 800 traditional asanas and traditional forms of yoga called Mallakhamb: pole and rope yoga. These practices guarantee you to have a yogic body radiating power, flexibility, energy and health.


In Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn and experience:

  • The 3 truths about Yoga
  • The authentic yogic scriptures
  • Sashtanga Yoga – the yoga of Sedative
  • The power of initiation by a Living Avatar
  • Third Eye AwakeningSM  and power manifestation
  • 800 Traditional Asanas
  • Teaching principles
  • Anatomy & Yogic Phisiology
  • Ayurveda & Yogic Nutrition


“Ultimately merge, become one with, realize your highest spiritual identity which is – Sadashivoham, the experience of “I am Sadashiva, I am the Divine.”

~Paramahamsa Nithyananda